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Eastercon Poet Laureate
sharikkamur wrote in 2011illustrious
Nik here again.

I am delighted to announce that Illustrious has appointed its own Poet Laureate, Roz Kaveney, as a Guest of Honour.

Roz is increasingly known for her poetry - her first artistic love to which she returned after a long absence a couple of years ago. A chapbook of her THE ABIGAIL SONNETS has been available in the UK for some time, and an expanded version with other shorter poems is pending from White House in Canada. She is also well-known in sf circles as a critic - a contributing editor on the Encyclopaedia of Fantasy, editor of READING THE VAMPIRE SLAYER and BATTLESTAR GALACTICA - INVESTIGATING FLESH, STEEL AND SPIRIT, and author of SUPERHEROES and FROM ALIEN TO THE MATRIX - and as anthologist - TALES FROM THE FORBIDDEN PLANET and THE WEERDE and VILLAINS (with Mary Gentle and Neil Gaiman). Her short stories have received a reasonable amount of praise and she has yet to sell a novel...

In the mundane world, she is known as a critic of things that are not sf, as a cultural commentator, and as an activist on issues around trans, censorship and civil liberties. She is a former deputy chair of Liberty.

Roz will be taking part in a number of poetry-related items and has promised to produce some original work to celebrate the Eastercon.