Hilton Birmingham Metropole Hotel
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Given the scarcity of hotels that are physically capable of hosting Eastercon in its current form, it seems inevitable that it will be considered for use again. Please help us put together a report, which we can use to support any future bids in their negotiations.


what you liked, what you didn't, what worked, what didn't ...

The worst bit of my Eastercon was ...
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because we do, genuinely, want to know ...

The best bit of my Eastercon was ...
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Con reports, photos?
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If you've written a con report, or posted some photos, could you add a link below? A lot of the committee and staff are still working hard - processing finance, unpacking, managing lost property, dealing with email etc., and we can't guarantee we'll catch everything in the backlog.

Empire of Earth
Angel of the Revolution
I've put the talk I gave on Saturday on line

Empire of Earth - The evolution of Victorian and Edwardian military SF

Small warning re using the NEC building as a short cut
marcus 2013
The route through the NEC to the station closes at 11 PM (unless there's a late event) and opens at 7.00 AM

The shuttle between the station and the airport shuts down at 2 AM, not sure when it reopens.

SFF calling all teachers…
The Science Fiction Foundation is considering sponsoring students to attend and take active part in the London World Science Fiction Convention in 2014.

Activities might include: engage with a chosen writer, scientist or artist; display in the art show; present a paper on the academic track; work shifts on tech and ops teams. So far these are just ideas.

At this stage we are looking to refine these ideas, and gather the information and the volunteers we will need to go forward once the Worldcon is seated.

If you think this idea is worth discussing, and you are a teacher in secondary or further education, librarian, youth worker, or have experience mentoring or organising activities for young people, please join us and help us to take it further.

Meet in Gladstone at 6:00pm Sunday.

See you there.
Caroline Mullan - Chair, SFF

Kids' programme at Eastercon
Due to the high cost of professional (council-registered) childcare we are unfortunately unable to offer creche facilities at Illustrious. Instead, we have a room dedicated to fun and games for younger convention members.

From 15:00 to 16:30 on Friday, and then from 10:30 to 16:30 on the other days of the convention we have a range of items induding drama and circus skills workshops, games sessions, story-telling, lego, arts and crafts sessions, roleplaying games and, of course, the traditional Easter Sunday Easter Egg Hunt.

Please note that this is not a creche, and that adults are requested to remember that children are their responsibility at all times, not the responsibility of the volunteers running kids' programme items.

Internet access
What is the situation with internet access at the hotel? Has free WiFi been negotiated?

A word about posters
The Hilton are not fond of people putting things on their walls, porous or otherwise. We have therefore arranged for several large noticeboards to be put up around the hotel where posters can be displayed but otherwise please do not stick anything on the walls. Anything stuck on the walls will be taken down.

If you're planning to publicise a convention we'd recommend that you bring lots of flyers to spread around the bar areas rather than a lot of posters.


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